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Las Vegas hotels on the strip - The Luxor hotel - 1096x viewed
  • Currently 2.60/5
Pet friendly hotels Las Vegas - The Flamingo - 986x viewed
  • Currently 2.48/5
Seagull Hotel Miami beach - sand and sunshine - 976x viewed
  • Currently 2.50/5
Holiday packages from 2 Million Hotels - 968x viewed
  • Currently 2.57/5
Dubai airport hotel - The Holiday Inn Express - 928x viewed
  • Currently 2.32/5
Cheap holidays to Dubai - Burj al-Arab 7 star hotel - 916x viewed
  • Currently 2.36/5
Hotel Victor Miami - Accomodation by the beach - 910x viewed
  • Currently 2.45/5
Harcourt Hotel Dublin - The entrance of the hotel - 909x viewed
  • Currently 2.44/5
Supreme Hotel Singapore - The front of the building is stylish - 881x viewed
  • Currently 2.28/5
Billig Hotel London - The beautiful Tower - 867x viewed
  • Currently 2.50/5
Puri Hotel - The living paradise in Malaysia - 856x viewed
  • Currently 2.45/5
Cheap hotels Galway - The Menlo Park Hotel - 842x viewed
  • Currently 2.38/5

These are the list of hotels to be found in the many favorite destinations of travelers. One may just simply contact a travel agent or go directly to the hotel’s official website for more information about the hotel. The list is but only a 10 percent of the total hotels in the world. There are still a lot of great finds, one just need to do a comprehensive research. However, these hotels listed above are reputable ones that visitors and guests will enjoy staying.

What Visitors should expect in Hotels

As a visitor or a travel we ask ourselves ‘what we want and don’t want when we are checking into hotels?’ When staying in a hotel there are few important factors guests should take note and remember. Below are the lists of what visitors should expect from hotels. Hotels should not only offer luxury, comfort, and state of the art amenities. There are other important factors that hotels must conform with when it comes to operating the business. These factors are essential to the growth of hotels as these are what guests, visitors, and travelers expects most from hotels. Whether the hotel is a 2 star or 5 star or even a 7 star hotel, it should still be able to offer these factors or aspects to its guests.

Failure of hotels to conform to these aspects may lead the hotel in jeopardy. Below are the aspects and factors visitors should expect in hotels.


all hotels offer amenities. And as guests we do have our own choices when it comes to amenities, some of us may prefer a modern type of hotel while other may opt for a laid back kind of hotel.


No one would dare want to stay in untidy hotels. So make sure that you are staying in clean and well kept hotel. Besides all hotels make sure to offer the best to their guests and visitors, so expect to stay in a clean hotel room and if you are very keen when it comes to cleanliness, you may want to call for a house cleaning service.


As a guest or visitor, it is becoming a prerequisite to give a complimentary tip to the staff who has offered assistance to you. This happens to most hotels in the world. As a matter of fact, several hotels have machine designed for guests to put their tip.


Most of the hotels offer complimentary breakfast for two. Furthermore, guests may call for a room service if they feel the need to eat or one may just go to the hotel’s cafeteria, restaurant or lounge. Most hotels have their own restaurants inside.

Telecommunication Access

In today’s modern world, it is important that guests stay connected. With the proliferation of internet usage hotels are adapting to the newest innovation called Wi-Fi. As a guest or visitor, you should determine whether the hotel offers free Wi-Fi or internet connection as this will make the stay more cozy and convenient.


No visitors would prefer hotels with bad reputation. Safety is a very important aspect that all hotels must be able to offer and provide to their guests.

All hotels must be able to conform to these norms and conducts to be able to give the best to its guests. No visitors would dare book on hotels that would only compromise their budget.

Staff’s Hospitality

It would not be called a hotel without it being hospitable to guests and visitors. As a matter of fact, hotels hire and train professionals to do the job. Running a hotel is not easy; satisfaction is always the number one priority of hotels.

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